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The Sherpa Gunner was a boss in the level "Into the Mountains", of LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures. Once Toht is defeated the first time, he throws a burning stick towards the bar counter and a fire rises surrounding it. Then, the Sherpa Gunner pops up and starts shooting at the player. He can only be killed by having bottles and chairs thrown at him. Once dead, his machine gun can be picked up and used against Toht.

Behind the scenesEdit

He is a cross between the Ratty Nepalese and Otto (Second Nazi), having the Nepalese's appearance and the weapon of the Nazi.

After Indy and Marion leave the burned bar, other Sherpa Gunner appears and try to kill Indy and Marion, but was defeated by them.

In the sequel, the Sherpa Gunner returns, but his shirt is color green, instead of orange. However, he doesn't appear as a boss, leaving Toht as the only final boss of the first level.


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