Skull Duggery! is a four-page comic that was published in the United Kingdom as part of the second issue of Indiana Jones and the Lost Treasures magazine. The writer was uncredited.

Plot summaryEdit

In Bolivia, 1940, Indiana Jones arrives in the village of a Guaraní tribe — home to his friend Tuxa — to find out what has become of the Golden Jaguar Flute he's searching for. However, he discovers that the villagers are sick, fending off a virus with the help of a woman known as "Jasy Kuña" and her healing crystal skull which is powered by the offering of jewels.

Jones eventually determines that Kuña is a fraud. She is revealed as botanist Josie Kelland, who is using a glass skull to poison the Guaraní and pocket their riches. The grateful village offers Jones a reward from the collected treasure and the archaeologist finds the flute he was after all along.






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Skull Duggery!

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