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"Somme, Early August 1916" is the eighth episode of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, and the second episode in season two. It originally aired on ABC on September 28, 1992. In 1999, it was combined with "Germany, Mid-August 1916" for release on home video as Trenches of Hell.


When a rude clerk insults an elderly customer at a donut shop, Indiana Jones takes it upon himself to teach him some manners. The young clerk pleads for mercy, pointing out the difficulties of his job, and Indy responds with a story of hardship in the trenches during World War I. As he finishes his tale, a pair of police officers escort him out of the shop.



In Australia, "Somme, Early August 1916" and "Germany, Mid-August 1916" were shown as a two-hour television movie entitled Young Indiana Jones and the Great Escape.

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