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Sonya was a woman who served as Henry Walton Jones, Senior's housekeeper.

Biography Edit

Sonya was employed as a housekeeper for Henry Walton Jones, Senior at his house after her predecessor, Eva, had returned to Sweden.

When Indiana Jones and Marcus Brody visited the house after finding out that the elder Jones had gone missing in Venice, Italy, they found that the place had been ransacked in pursuit of his Grail Diary.

During this time, Indiana realized that the washing was still out on the line so he and Brody went to investigate and discovered Sonya's murdered body hanging by the neck.

Behind the scenes Edit

Sonya was originally part of the third revision of Jeffrey Boam's script for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Although Tom Stoppard retained many of Boam's ideas in the final script, Sonya didn't make it into the shooting script.

Appearances Edit