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A Soviet driver served under Antonin Dovchenko and was Irina Spalko's driver during their quest to return the Crystal Skull to Akator in 1957.


The Soviet driver was a Ukrainian, who, in 1957, was not much older than Irina Spalko had been when she first joined the army.[1] He was among the Soviet soldiers who accompanied Spalko and Dovchenko to Hangar 51 in Nevada that same year in search of the Roswell remains disguised as a US military soldier.[2]


Eaten by the siafu.

He later served as Irina Spalko's driver in Brazil. When Indiana Jones escaped in a duck with the Crystal Skull of Akator, the driver transported Spalko during the subsequent chase through the jungle to gain control of the artifact. At one point Spalko forced him into the backseat and took over the vehicle herself, hanging on for his life due to his superior's reckless driving, but the soldier eventually got back behind the wheel after which they and Jones' party crashed into a nest of deadly siafu ants. Both the driver and Spalko managed to escape from their crashed vehicle and ran for the safety of the trees, but the driver didn't make it. Overcome by the ant swarm, he was pulled down and devoured alive.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Soviet Driver was played by an uncredited Gleb Kaminer in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. In the film's shooting script, the part of the driver was noted as being played by stuntman Don Lee, but Kaminer took the part in the finished film.[3] The character is identified in the film's pre-visualization animatics as "Russian Driver".

His death is slightly different in James Rollins' novelization in that he dies much sooner. Unlike in the film, he is unable to get out of the car before being swarmed and eaten by the ants. In the comic adaptation, he doesn't get eaten by the siafu as Irina Spalko's car doesn't crash into the anthill. With the art open to interpretation, he may have been one of the three soldiers alongside Spalko who die in the Temple of Akator at the end of the comic, incinerated by the interdimensional beings.

In LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues, the Soviet Driver survives the attack because he is not with Spalko at the moment the siafu appear. Instead, he appears with a sweeper and rescues Spalko, leaving Antonin Dovchenko to face his fate. In the DS version, he drives the car during the sword fight between Spalko and Mutt Williams, but as Spalko's vehicle never crashes into the anthill, the Soviet Driver's fate is left unknown.


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