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The Star of the Orient was a nineteenth century sailing vessel. It was used to smuggle goods out of China and into the U.S. Made of wood, it became obsolete as the maritime world switched from sail to steam.

After the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco, the ship was buried in a landfill while the city was rebuilt on top of it. Buried deep beneath Chinatown, it stayed partially intact, in a large cavern, along with other wrecked ships.

Archie Tan discovered the Star of the Orient, and built secret passages to it. One passage was built with a chair on a rail line to its resting place from his secret storeroom. Another secret passage could be found inside of the store room of the Lao Che Lounge behind a gong.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In the Wii & PS2 version of Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings In 1939, Blind Duck and his Tong members captured Tan, and searched his offices, looking for the Jade Sphere and the Star of the Orient. After rescuing Suzie Tan, Indiana Jones found the rail chair behind a secret door in Tan's office. He was able to reach the underground cavern housing the wrecked ship. After finding his way aboard, Jones came face to face with some of Blind Duck's men, who hadn't found the Jade Sphere yet. Jones found it hidden aboard the ship. He had to fight his way through Tong thugs before he could recover it. The Jade Sphere is hidden among cannonballs near the bow of the ship.
  • In the DS version, Indy discovers the hidden entrance inside of Lao Che Lounge. He found the Jade Sphere is hidden inside of Kingston's Chest, a Cipher of Meribah in the ship's hold.
  • The Star of the Orient does not appear in the PSP version, instead the Jade Sphere was hidden "downtown".


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