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T. S. Eliot (Thomas Stearns Eliot) was an American poet.


In his delusions, Harold Oxley quoted a verse by Eliot as a clue to the landmarks along the route he discovered to Akator.


Waterfall looking like eyes in tears

The verse cited by Oxley was:

"Through eyes that last I saw in tears, here in death's dream kingdom, the golden vision reappears."

It referred to a waterfall which fell down from two holes in a rock which looked like the eyes in a human skull. Behind the waterfall, the entrance to the town of Akator was hidden.

Behind the scenesEdit

The verse cited by Harold Oxley is a slightly modified and abbreviated version of the first verse of a minor poem by Eliot titled "Eyes That Last I Saw In Tears". The complete verse reads:

Eyes that last I saw in tears
Through division
Here in death's dream kingdom
The golden vision reappears
I see the eyes but not the tears
This is my affliction


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