The Tabernacle was where René Belloq opened the Ark of the Covenant in 1936. It was a narrow, shallow canyon located on the Nazis' secret island base north of Crete. It consisted of a natural altar, with natural stone steps leading up to it. Instead of communicating with God, Belloq and the Nazis met their demise there, as they were all disintegrated by the Ark, with Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood the only survivors .

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Behind the scenesEdit


After the Ark closed itself.

The Tabernacle is known in Hebrew as the Mishkan and is a real part of Jewish religious tradition. It was a portable dwelling place for the divine presence, from the time of the Hebrew Exodus from Egypt to Canaan.

Mohler in the tabernacle

The Tabernacle's entrance in a deleted scene.

It was later built into the Temple in Jerusalem.

The Nazis' Tabernacle is a recreation and despite not resembling the Biblical Tabernacle, it is possible that "Tabernacle" was just what they decided to call the enclave for the purposes of the ceremony.


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