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The Temple Guard was a Thuggee guard of the Temple of Doom and one of Mola Ram's henchmen. He accompanied his boss in his attempt to stop American archaeologist Indiana Jones and his party to escape with the Sankara Stones in 1935.

Biography Edit

The Temple guard joined the rebirthed Thuggee cult before 1935 and became guard of the Temple of Doom located in the mines of Pankot Palace at the Pankot Province. He served under the orders of High Priest Mola Ram.

In 1935, he along some fellow cultists, accompanied their High Priest to recover the Sankara Stones from the hands of archaeologist Indiana Jones, Willie Scott and Short Round at a rope bridge. However, Jones collapsed the rope bridge, making him with various of his companions to fell to the river below and be devoured by the crocodiles.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Temple Guard was portrayed by Bhasker Patel in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.


Notes and referencesEdit

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