The Temple of the Chachapoyan Warriors was the dark, well-protected cave that housed an infamous fertility idol. The temple's many defenses included spiders, spears, darts, cave-ins, and a large boulder.


An archaeologist named Forrestal attempted to recover the idol, but was killed by the temple's booby traps. In 1936, Indiana Jones successfully navigated around these dangers, retrieving the idol from its pedestal. Jones used a bag of sand to replace the idol, letting some of the sand run through his fingers as he judged the bag was slightly too heavy. The weight did not suffice, triggering the collapse of the temple. His guide, Satipo, was killed while attempting to escape but Jones survived, just barely avoiding a giant rolling boulder that chased him out of the temple. The idol, however, was subsequently stolen from him by a competitor.

Jones returned to the temple some years later to find the boulder still blocking the entrance. Searching the nearby river he discovered an underwater network of corridors and worked his back inside the temple, returning to the location of the idol by flooding the very pit that had almost taken his life back in 1936.

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