Terre Rouge ("Red earth" or "red dirt" in French) was a location on the south coast of Haiti. It was directly across the channel from Zile Muri-yo, only two miles off the shore. While it is only thirty or thirty-five kilometers from Port-au-Prince, it was a two or three hour drive in dry weather, because of the winding poorly-maintained mountainous road. André, a cousin of Marie Arnoux, fished off of Terre Rouge.

In the summer of 1943, Marie Arnoux, Indiana Jones, and George McHale arrived in Terre Rouge, driven by Marie's brother, Alain. After Andre and Marie made a sacrifice, the fisherman took his cousin and the two foreigners across to the beach at Zile Muri-yo, and then returned to Terre Rouge.

Behind the scenesEdit

There is an actual town called Terre Rouge in Haiti, in the mountains on the southwest peninsula of Hispaniola, but it is not located on the coast.


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