"...and before we left, we got the best darn Thanksgiving feast I've ever had."
Indiana Jones[src]

Thanksgiving is an annual holiday celebrated in the United States of America, on the fourth Thursday of November. A day for celebrating the giving of thanks to God for providing, usually after the harvest, was irregularly celebrated by the English colonists in North America and continued after American independence. First officially annually observed as a religious holiday in 1863, it was finally fixed on the calendar as a national holiday in 1941 under President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Many Americans celebrate the holiday by gathering with their families for a large feast, often with roasted turkey as the main entree.


In the 1990s, Indiana Jones was at his family's Thanksgiving dinner with his great-grandson Harry and other members of the Jones family, when Harry's dislike of cranberry sauce prompted Indy to recount a time when he had a feast to give thanks when he was a boy visiting China in 1910. Jones and his family had much to be grateful for at that time, as young Indy had just recovered from a nearly fatal case of typhoid and his mother had helped to save their hosts, Huang Feng and his wife, from losing their land from a moneylender.


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