"The Gold Goddess" is a two-part story presented in issues 9 & 10 of Marvel's Further Adventures of Indiana Jones comic book series. Part one (subtitled "Xomec's Raiders") was published in September 1983 and part two ("Amazon Death-Ride!") followed in October. TSR, Inc. released "The Golden Goddess" RPG Solo Adventure Pack in 1985 that included a map, character figures and an aircraft.





Behind the scenesEdit

The issue's part one title "Xomec's Raiders" is likely to be a reference to the franchise's first film Raiders of the Lost Ark, which spawned The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones comic book series and featured prominently both the Hovitos tribe and the Chachapoyan Fertility Idol during its opening sequence.

"The Gold Goddess" was adapted into an unofficial two-part audio adventure for the IndyCast in 2011.

Cover gallery Edit

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