The Guardian of Tradition Dinner was a dinner banquet held at Pankot Palace in 1935. Hosted by the Majarajah Zalim Singh at the urging of prime minister Chattar Lal, the feast was to promote Pankot's standing in the region, and many dignitaries and merchants were invited. Several unexpected guests to the Palace were also invited, including Captain Blumburtt, and the recently arrived Indiana Jones, Willie Scott, and Short Round. To entertain guests, musicians played while a quartet of beautiful women danced. Jones observed that the dishes served were not ones that a Hindu would eat, and felt suspicious.

The conversation and festivities stopped when Singh interrupted Jones' line of questioning about the possibility of a Thuggee resurgence.

Jones kept a menu from the feast in his journal, and noted that he was satisfied by the dinner, though got Scott an apple (as she had avoided eating the odd delicacies). Short Round wrote that Jones was a liar as the dinner was "gross".


Dinner attendeesEdit