Tom was an American man living in the area of New York City in the 1990s. Tom and Norma attended at the Annual Celebrity Tennis Shoe Auction & Dinner of the Metropolitan Foundation for Educational Quality at the City Hotel & Conference Center, when they sat at a table occupied by the elderly Indiana Jones. When an acquaintance Selina arrived at their table, Tom remained quiet while the ladies sparred over Selina's fur coat. The topic of conservation started Jones on a story about a time when shooting an animal was an act of conservation. After Jones recounted his tale about being meeting Theodore Roosevelt on safari in British East Africa, Jones departed, much to the delight of Tom, who breathed a sigh of relief and mentioned that he couldn't figure out the point of the old man's tale.

Behind the scenes Edit

Jeffrey Pillars played Tom in the bookends of one episode of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: "British East Africa, September 1909".

While the role of Tom is credited in Passion for Life, Tom does not actually appear in the film, as the bookend scenes of the TV episode were cut when the film was assembled.

In the "British East Africa, September 1909" comic, Tom is depicted with glasses, blond hair, and no beard or mustache.


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