Charles Henri Marie Ernest Tombeur was the head of Belgian military operations in East Africa, working toward the taking of Tabora in German East Africa. In December 1916, after the battle led by Major Boucher, in which Indiana Jones (as Henri Defense) turned the tide for the Belgian forces by capturing a German machine gun, General Tombeur sent word through Colonel Mathieu to award them a company citation, and a promotion for Defense - from lieutenant to captain.

Later, Boucher and Jones were sent on an expedition across equatorial Africa to pick up a shipment of machine guns, mortars and howitzers for Tombeur's assault on Tabora. Jones was delayed by sickness in returning with the weapons, and Tabora was taken while Jones was with Albert Schweitzer.

Behind the scenes Edit

In 1916, General Tombeur led the Belgian military forces in the campaign to take German East Africa, defended by Paul Emil von Lettow-Vorbeck. Using superior numbers, Tombeur's troops took over German-held Rwanda and Burundi, and eventually took Tabora in September 1916 - several months before the time frame in which Jones is sent to retrieve the arms. He served as the first Belgian military governor of the Belgian Occupied East African Territories, until November 1916.


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