The Triads are members of Chinese crime syndicates, also called triads.

In 1935, members of the Black Dragon Triad were employed by Marshall Kai, the head of the Chinese Ministry Of Culture. These triad members usually wore red and black clothing and were skilled fighters in the martial arts, but some also were armed with swords or Luger pistols.

Behind the scenesEdit

There are five types of Triad encountered in Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb:

  • The "normal" triads are encountered most frequently, and fight using their fists and are very agile in their movements. They are the weakest, and wear the black and red, without a hat, and have their hair styled in a monk braid.
  • The leaders wear black suits and are equipped with Luger pistols. They can also use their fists well. They are the only Triads who drive cars in the streets of Hong Kong.
  • The "sword" triads often use swords, as their name suggests and wear the classic black and red, with the Black Dragon logo on the back. They wear a straw coolie hat, and are more skilled than the normal Triad.
  • The "master" triads are the most skilled of the triads, they dress the same as the above, except with a black scarf tied across the mouth and nose. They are encountered less than the "normal" triads but more than the "sword" triads.
  • The zombie triads are fought in the latter levels of the game, and have a similar appearance to the "normal" triads, except with gray skin, yellow glowing eyes, and gashes all over their body. They are reincarnated by the magic of the first emperor, from their souls.

The Triads are encountered on the Hong Kong levels, in the Temple of Kong Tien, and inside the Emperor's Tomb itself.

In Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb, Arthur Eng provided the voice for Triad Grunt 1 and Triad Grunt 2, while Kevin Michael Richardson provided the voice for Triad Ghoul