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The Trident of Neptune was an artifact connected to the legend of the Lord of the Sea, Roman god Neptune.

The Trident was a three pronged instrument engraved with sea creatures that could be used to summon storms but first, the wielder was required to pay homage to Neptune — usually by burning blossoms in a brazier — then stand at the shore pointing the trident to the sky while reciting a prayer to the god. This would emit lightning from the prongs, and the storms would gather causing rain to fall at 2-3 inches an hour for an unfixed amount of time.

However, the artifact could only be used once per month, and in the intervening time, the sea would attempt to reclaim the trident, with the creatures of the rough waters attacking anyone who crossed, but could be lifted by simply casting the Trident back into the Mediterranean Sea.

The Trident of Neptune was last known to be in Rome, Italy (valued at $250,000) in the hands of private collector who was using to it flood his enemies' vineyards.


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