Ulye Troika was a South African hired as a bodyguard by Alan James Mauberg in 1935.


Around July, 1935, Ulye Troika and his companion Karl Geller were hired by University of Chicago grad student Alan James Mauberg who needed bodyguards to protect himself from hostile local African tribes in his search for the missing Sir Adrian Braidthwaite.

Troika and Geller were the only ones who settled for what Mauberg could afford. However, Troika and Mauberg's relationship was antagonistic and led to Mauberg hitting his bodyguard one afternoon when Troika snatched away his locket and made a remark strong enough for Mauberg strike out.

After quarreling for several days, Troika tried to murder Mauberg in Angola with his knife but the man defended himself with a gun that he had been given for his protection. The incident was reported the next day on the front page of the Chicago Tribune.


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