"Who are you?"
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Francisca Uribe Del Arco lived temporarily in a house near Barnett College in 1937. It was a two-story wooden building with a large front covered porch, located on a street corner. Uribe lived there with her maid, Pilar and Pilar's son, Jorge.

One afternoon after a chance accident outside the post office, Uribe invited Jones back to her house, to have his pants repaired. While the two had tea, and Pilar mended Jones' pants, two thugs barged in the front door, past Jorge. Trying to seize a recently arrived package, Carlos ended up brawling with Jones, and was kicked through a front window. The other tough tackled Jones through the window, but the two goons fled once a carload of Sigma Phi fraternity boys stopped to help their professor. Uribe and Jones thanked Winchester and the other students, and shooed them off. Inside, Uribe and Pilar convinced Jones not to call the police, and Jones opened the sought-after package. It contained El Dedo de Oro and a note from Uribe's brother, Felipe. Within a few days, the Uribe household packed up and left on sabbatical to South America where Jones and Uribe could track down the Chimu Taya Arms of Cuzco.

Behind the scenesEdit

Because Uribe was a visiting lecturer, it is possible that the house was actually owned by the college specifically for use by guest lecturers and their households.



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