The V. I. Pudovkin was a Soviet ship aboard which Indiana Jones was taken prisoner by members of the Red Army, led by Dr. Gennadi Volodnikov, in 1947. The ship was named for the Russian film director and actor,  V. I. Pudovkin.

Apparently a cargo ship converted into a ferry for Soviet soldiers, the Pudovkin took Jones from Teotihuacan, Mexico, where the Soviets had ambushed him. Because the ship had no rooms specifically designed to hold prisoners, Jones was confined to a locked cabin with bunkbeds. Jones pestered the guards outside the room by continually knocking on the metal door. Finally when the door was opened, Jones had hidden himself in a storage space above the beds; the confused guard turned the corner to seek out his prisoner, but Jones leapt off the top bunk and escaped through the open door.

From there, he quietly prowled the inside and upper deck of the ship, regaining his satchel and the three pieces of the Infernal Machine had collected prior to his capture, incapacitating any other Russians who tried to stop him. The Pudovkin reached a region of the Atlantic Ocean south of the Azores and northwest of the Canary Islands before Jones successfully escaped the ship in a motorized lifeboat, arriving soon on the western coast of Africa.

Appearances Edit

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