The Verdun military hospital was a makeshift French medical center in Verdun, converted from a large ornate building, possibly a church. Soldiers wounded in the Battle of Verdun were brought here for surgery and recovery. The nurse and several doctors and orderlies worked here, tending to the wounded.

In September 1916, Remy Baudouin had been shot during battle and was brought to the hospital, where his bullet was removed during an operation. While recovering, he began shouting that the bullet remained in him and he needed another surgery. The nurse came to calm him, but as he persisted, she got two orderlies to try to restrain him. Henri Defense (Indiana Jones) arrived and got Baudouin to calm down, giving him some German cigarettes and getting Baudouin to confess that he had been lying about the bullet to avoid being sent back to the trenches.

Verdun military hospital

Injured soldiers at the hospital.

Jones reminded his friend that he needed to let the wound heal, and that the penalty for trying to further wound himself to avoid duty could be execution. Baudouin cried out that he hadn't wounded himself, but was shot when he followed the order to charge. Calming Baudouin down, Jones promised to return. On his way out, the nurse told Jones that Baudouin, though not fully healed, was scheduled to head back to the front on the next day.


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