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"Dr. Jones, what you look at?"
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Wariyapola was the location of a lost city in Ceylon that Indiana Jones visited in 1935. He went there to find the Heart of Kouru Watu, an idol that contained the central orb of the Mirror of Dreams.

The entrance to the city was marked by a large stone head sitting atop a precipice. The ruins were overgrown with vines and jungle plants and skeletons layed about everywhere. Indiana Jones encountered crocodiles, shooting darts, spike pits, spike traps, and crushing blocks within the city and connecting temple complex. Jones also fought hard against Ivory Hunters who were sent to kill him by Albrecht von Beck. The Temple of Kouru Watu was guarded by large "Silent Guardians", mechanical bat statues that fired off poisonous darts when set off by sound. Beyond the Silent Guardians lay the Sacred Lake, upon in the middle sat a large platform holding the Heart of Kouru Watu. The Heart was guarded by an immense white crocodile.


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