"Warren's one of my best students. But he's always goin' off on his own, lettin' his curiosity lead him where no one else'd be crazy enough to go! Sorta reminds me of me..."
Indiana Jones, thinking to himself[src]

Warren was a student at Marshall College. In 1936, he took Archaeology 223, under Professor Indiana Jones, and accompanied the class on a field trip to the Hopi caves in Arizona. Jones considered him one of his top students, but let his curiosity overcome his common sense.

One afternoon on the expedition, after Eva correctly identified a pot shard as an example of early Hopi clay art, Warren asked if the more important artifacts were to be found in the caves. Jones agreed, but reminded the class that while the caves were the original goal of the expedition, they had been recently blocked off due to instability. While Jones was busy rescuing Lucy Giles from a scorpion, Warren slipped away from the group and began climbing the slope to investigate the cave alone.

One of the other students spotted him and alerted the professor. After a rock slide started above Warren's position, Jones sprang into action, driving a truck up the hillside to rescue his student. As Warren tried to avoid the falling rocks, he twisted his ankle. With the truck unable to climb the steep grade and beginning to flip, Jones jumped out and reached Warren. As the slide progressed, Warren was guided back to the overturned truck for shelter, despite his concern for the truck's inability to protect them. After the rock slide concluded, Warren and Jones dug their way out, to the amazement of the rest of the class. After two armed men claiming to be from the Bureau of Indian Affairs threatened the class, Warren likely went with his classmates back to the nearest town and the ice cream parlor.

Later, Warren likely accompanied the class when they broke camp and drove to Tucson.


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