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Well of the Souls
Culture Ancient Egyptian
Location Tanis, Egypt


Ark of the Covenant

The Well of the Souls was a secret chamber located inside the ancient city of Tanis where the Ark of the Covenant was kept.


The Well of the Souls was built after the Ark of the Covenant was taken to Tanis by Shishak in the year 980 BC. Shishak created the Well of the Souls to hide the Ark of the Covenant from Amun-Ra, the Egyptian sun god.

By 1936, the Well was infested with snakes that slithered in through the walls. Indiana Jones and Sallah found the chamber and recovered the Ark, but Sallah was captured by Nazis who dropped the rope, trapping Jones. Marion Ravenwood was thrown into the chamber with Jones and locked in by the Nazis.

During their escape, Jones broke through one of the walls of the chamber, revealing a room filled with many mummified corpses that frightened Ravenwood.



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