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"...don't call me Junior!"
The title of this article is a nickname. This article is about a canonical subject that lacks a proper name, and is known only by its nickname or callsign. Please see the relevant discussion on the talk page or explanation in the article itself.

The World War One Ace was a retired pilot from the World War I, who worked with the Nazis during the seqarch of the Holy Grail, being the partner of the Gestapo Agent at the D-138.

Biography Edit

The World War One Ace was among Indiana Jones and Henry Jones' fellow passengers of the zeppelin leaving Germany.

During the trip, he drank heavily and told war stories to the other passengers. His allegiance to the Nazis (or at least his country in general) was revealed when a Gestapo Agent called for any loyal Germans to help him pursue the Joneses, and he volunteered. Unfortunately, he was so drunk that when he and the agent tried to follow the Joneses in a second biplane, he neglected to turn the motor on and they crashed and died.

Behind the scenesEdit

The World War I Ace was portrayed by the late Frederick Jaeger in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

The sequence in which he is killed was cut from the final version of the film but remains in the film's novelization and its comic book adaptation.


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