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The Yamuna River is the largest tributary of the Ganges River, and flows past both Mayapore and New Delhi in northwest India. The river is named for Yami, the sister of Yama, the god of death. Along the upper portions of the river lie pine forests, while in the lowlands, there are acacia and rosewood forests. The river area forms the westernmost habitat for the Asian elephant.

In 1935, Indiana Jones, Willie Scott, and Short Round ended up rafting in the Yamuna River after using an inflatable raft to escape from a crashing airplane. After sliding down the slopes of the Pindari Glacier, the raft slid off of a cliff, and into the rough rapids of the Pindari River, a tributary of the Yamuna. Eventually the rough water calmed downstream, Jones spied Marhan and realized that he was in India.

The three left the river to follow Marhan back to Mayapore before journeying to Pankot Palace on the Yamuna.

Behind the scenesEdit

Some of the whitewater rafting scenes depicted in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom were filmed in the Snake River, in the United States.



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