Haitian zombis.

A zombie or zombi was a member of the undead. Indiana Jones had encountered different kinds of zombie in the course of his adventures.

On an island in the Indian Ocean in 1940, Jones found himself fending off zombies when the island's inhabitants succumbed to a plague caused by the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse.[1]

In 1943, while searching for the Heart of Darkness in Haiti, Jones encountered two types of zombis that could be controlled by a bokor:

  • 'real' corpses of the dead, re-animated by magic
  • 'chemical' living people, subdued and controlled by a potion.[2]

Four years later, Doctor Matthias Jäger resurrected Nazi soldiers with the Philosopher's Stone but was unable to wield the artifact and he and the zombies were disintegrated.[3]



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